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President University Major Association Management proudly presents: INETOR (INDONESIA NEXT TOP MANAGER) 2018

“Sustainable Innovation and Implementation of E-Marketing Strategies for Start-up Businesses in Indonesia to Maintain Their Competitive Edge”

INETOR is sub-event of Grand Economics 2018, which is an international business case competition for undergraduate students from Indonesia.

Join and win the TOTAL PRIZE IDR 12,000,000!!!

Get special registration fee during EARLY BIRD (6-21 August 2018) for ONLY IDR 150,000!

Register your team NOW by filling out the form below:

For further information, please contact:

Tami (081388256797 / Id: utamtam)
Bima (082390144562 / Id: bimasadaf)
Tahnia (081364893163 / Id: tahniachairani)

And stay tuned on our social media:
Official line: @dex7242d
Instagram: @inetor2018

-Digitize Your Imagination, Globalize Your Innovation-

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Centre of Management 2018

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